contrast LTThe Swing Dusters is a multi-piece western swing band based in Taos, New Mexico. Their music harks back to a day when Western Swing music ruled the airwaves and the dance floors.

Their songs are chosen from the classics of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys to Asleep at the Wheel and other classics from the era.

Bandleader and lead vocalist Robert Parsons curates the band’s material to be the best blend of old and new with a nod to simpler times when music was meant to uplift and give a person a solid backbone for dancing.

As Western Swing fiddler Johnny Gimble once said, “You just can’t listen to Western Swing music stay in a bad mood.”

Core members

The Swing Dusters were formerly known as Lonesome Town but changed their name in late summer of 2017 to reflect significant changes in band personnel.

Swing Dusters is made up of bandleader Robert Parsons (Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Fiddle), Melody Romancito (Tenor Banjo and Vocals), Brad Martin (Bass, Vocals), Leonard Kasza (Steel Guitar and Vocals), and Rick Destefano (Keyboards).

Swing Duster / Lonesome Town Alumni

The band has had the pleasure of featuring many players who have been with the band on and off during its history. These include Scott Kesson on vocals and lead guitar, Harlan Kesson (who still occasionally helps out on drums), Russell Latino on Cajon, Nat Wilson on saxophone. The band has also had Jimmy Farmer on Drums from time to time.